5 delicious lunchtime destinations in Downtown Abbotsford

If you live or work in Downtown Abbotsford, you’d be happy to know that there are over 30 different eateries to choose from; the hard part is identifying what you’re in the mood for. In addition to sandwich bistros and artisan bakehouses, Downtown Abbotsford is host to ethnic food choices that run the gamut, a plethora of coffee houses, and even a proposed pay-what-you-can diner! There’s a little something for everyone. Here are our top picks for a satisfying lunchtime retreat:

  1. O’Neills Home Cooking  – possibly the best sandwich shop in Abbotsford, but don’t take our word for it. These massive sandwiches allow you to skip the side and the sweet potato bun is absolutely marvelous. The owner’s personality is part of the experience — you’ll be glad you went!
  2. Duft and Co. Bakehouse – but you’d better get there early. They sell out by around 2 pm every day! Duft and Co. is a privately owned artisanal bakery and cafe. They provide fresh, handmade, from scratch, pastries, bread, coffee & lunch that contain absolutely no preservatives or additives. The ingredients are local (if possible), and the customer service is phenomenal. A definite must-try if you have yet to!
  3. Bow & Stern – If you’re looking for seafood, this is the spot in Downtown Abbotsford. We’ve enjoyed quite a few things on the menu, including their burgers and their fish + chips, and we can’t honestly tell you what we like better. Plain and simple, there is no other fish + chips place you’ll enjoy once you’ve had Bow & Stern’s two piece halibut + chips dish. Scout’s honour.
  4. Little Saigon – Their slogan is “no msg, just tlc.” It’s a place that gives you the traditional Vietnamese restaurant feel, with high-quality ingredients in an opulent menu that’ll have you coming back for more. We never insist on taking our word , but check out their press page for high-profile bloggers who would agree with us on all accounts. PS. Their sauces are their specialty (which were on Dragons’ Den) and you can find them in hundreds of locations throughout Western Canada.
  5. Harvest Grill N’ Greens – This is the place for health (and flavour) conscious residents of Abbotsford. The owner, Dion Brisson, will make sure you’re at home in his charming restaurant across from the new Flatiron building currently in development. His menu includes a flavourful selection of paninis, sandwiches, tacos, and stir-fries, each carefully crafted with hand-picked, high-quality ingredients that’ll leave you stuffed (in the best way possible).


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