Abby Work-Shop: Working in the valley has never been better

Your favourite businesses are getting together for an open pop-up market showcasing the best that the food and beverage industry in Abbotsford has to offer!

Fieldhouse Brewing Co., Oldhand Coffee, Duft & Co. Bakehouse, Restaurant 62, Polly Fox Bakery, Habit Juice Project, Lepp Farm Market, & Harvest Grill n Greens are each setting up their own area to present their food and beverage offerings to showcase potential hires who they are and what they do! You’ll have an opportunity to meet business owners and learn why they chose Abbotsford to start their business and why you should choose them as a potential employer.

With the incredible growth in Abbotsford in the past half-decade, there is a massive need for food and beverage businesses in the Fraser Valley to find youthful, skilled, and community-focused individuals to work with. Abbotsford is on the cusp of developing a unique dining culture in the Valley.

“We are seeing the beginning of the shift, and in order to see continued growth and, we need young chefs, bakers, bartenders, baristas and farmers to get excited about living, working, and investing into our community. This is our opportunity to invest and help shape our own local food & beverage culture,” says Bonnie Friesen, head chef at Fieldhouse Brewing.

The date is currently set for Thursday, September 21st, from 7 pm to 9 pm. The first hour of the event is an open market tasting and meet and greet with business owners, and the second part of the evening will feature a Local Speakers Forum. The location is set for Downtown Abbotsford’s latest and greatest building, The Flat Iron, which showcases the continued growth of Abbotsford, and it’s historic Downtown Abbotsford.

For more information on the event, please visit the Facebook event.

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  1. Having moved here recently I’m pleased to see Abbotsford working on creating a vibe, which the food service industry will contribute to.
    If outdoor seating could be created which does not look at a parking lot – that would be great too! My sister would love to open a shop here, but the rent is much too high. Let’s hope it all works out for a better, more social, more walkable / bikeable and likable city for everyone. A city which will become less and less car-centric over time. One step at a time.