There are both on street and off-street parking options Downtown that are free of charge. Please refer to the map below to see parking restrictions throughout the Historic Downtown.

All on-street parking are designated painted parking stalls. Most streets have parallel parking while a few such as Montrose Avenue and South Fraser Way have angled parking. 

Parking Downtown is generally designated with a time limit – whether that is 15 minute, 2 hour, or 3 hour. Look for these signs as you park and keep track of the time as you shop and dine. These signs are in effect all day into the evening except where it says 9am-6pm daily.

A limited number of stalls are designated as 15 minute parking or loading zones. These signs mean that you can park for a limited time to load and unload passengers and materials from your car or truck. These spaces are great for commercial delivery, ride hailing, and food delivery vehicles using the Historic Downtown.

A few stalls on each block are designated for accessible parking. When parked here, all other restrictions apply (such as time limited parking), and you must display your SPARC card while parked here.

A small number of parking stalls around the edges of Downtown are unrestricted, meaning that there are no time limits or special requirements when parked in these stalls. 

There are 7 City-owned off-street parking lots in the Historic Downtown area. These lots provide a mix of two hour, three hour time limited parking and all-day parking. Look for signs as you park to determine if the lot you are parked in has a time limit or is all-day.

Parking enforcement is facilitated by the City of Abbotsford Bylaw Services department. For any parking ticket payment + dispute inquiries, please contact the City of Abbotsford Bylaw Services here.