Downtown Committees

ABDA Standing Committees 2022-23

A. Diversity Committee (2)
  1. Muhi Bakini ACS
  2. Aly McRea The Refinery
  3. Sara Albert RDM
  4. Chelsey Iwama – online support Hanuko Micro-salon
Meets the 3rd -4th Friday in the month at 11:00 am
B. Film Committee (4)
  1. Asger Hansen Rep for Core Fitness
  2. Deb Goetz Vintelier – Chairperson
  3. Greg Reinhart Replay Board Shop
  4. Kaitlin Simoes The Polly Fox

Meets 4th Thursday in the month, 2 pm.

  1. Asger Hansen Rep for Core Fitness
  2. Deb Goetz Vintelier
  3. Paul MacLeod Property owner
  4. Kelsey Krahn The Refinery House
Meet online as needed through email for approvals and in person when required
E. Parking Committee
  1. Jess Dhillon RF Properties
  2. Kristin M Madison Hair
  3. Greg Rienhart Replay Boardshop
  4. Tracy Ganert Voila Lash Lounge
  5. Deb Goetz Vintelier
  6. Elvin Toews RF Properties
Meets when needed during Parking Study/Parking Management issues since 2018
F. Finance Committee
Meets on an ad hoc basis yearly to create the ADBA annual operating budget

NOTE: All committees make recommendations to the Board of Directors and receive approvals/support on new initiatives. The Marketing Committee oversees the Marketing budget for the year.