Eco-Friendly Options in Downtown Abbotsford

It’s Earth Day today! This means it’s the day we emphasize finding and creating environmentally friendly options to help protect our beautiful planet! With COVID-19 and the overconsumption of single use plastics such as masks and gloves, it can be exceptionally hard to feel safe and still create practices that support environmental protection. 

Here is a list of some businesses in our community that either offer sustainable products and services or choose eco-friendly practices in their everyday business. 

Bureaux Modern Mercantile – One of the more recent stores to the downtown, Bureaux Modern Mercantile offers many zero waste options in different facets of your home, from kitchen to laundry to bathroom. This is a great store to check out if you have been looking to incorporate more eco-friendly basics to your routine, whether that be reusable coffee mugs, shampoo bars or reusable dryer balls. They even offer dispensaries for soap, conditioner and laundry detergent, so you can bring in your own bottles and so there is no leftover waste. They have products both locally sourced and found internationally to bring the best quality items to you. Shop online here

Sugar’d – Move over painful waxing! Sugar’d, located on the main street of downtown Abbotsford offers an eco-friendly and biodegradable approach to getting rid of unwanted body hair. Made of a combination of sugar, lemon and water, sugaring is 100% natural meaning that it can easily break down, and even be composted. A far more eco friendly (and safer) option to the many waxing strips that get thrown away. Find them here to book an appointment. 

Thrift Stores in the Downtown – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the thrift store options we have downtown, including Corby’s Antiques, Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop and MCC Centre Thrift. All offer a great selection of gently used items that you can browse instead of going to the big box store. Buying second hand is the biggest and best way to ensure sustainable living because no one is using any new resources from production or manufacturing to bring you these products. With the increase of online use you can browse some quality thrifted pieces from the safety of your own home on MCC Centre Thrift website here and Corby’s antiques website here

Hemingway Books & Records – Although this could technically be considered a thrift store, they are a different category in itself, offering high quality used books and records for a fraction of the price. By doing so Hemingway is able to keep books and records out of landfills. They also offer a service to sell them your used books and records meaning you can also make a small profit on something you could have easily thrown or given away. Check them out online here, where you can also take a peek at their most sought after books right now.

Beard & Bardot – Another area of the beauty industry that promotes eco friendly practices in their everyday job. This hair salon is a part of the Green Circles Salons which pledges to find sustainable options in the beauty industry. Beard & Bardot recycles and repurposes 95% of salon waste including gloves, aerosols, excess hair colour, and much more. They also donate the hair trimming that goes towards various facilities such as compost, turning it into bio-composite plastic and repurposing it to clean up oil spills in oceans. Book an appointment here

Happy Earth Day everyone, hope you have an eco friendly day!