Our Locals – Jordana Patterson, Beard & Bardot Hair Co.

A huge part of what makes our Downtown Abbotsford community so special are the faces behind the businesses. We thought we’d chat with the people that make this the best place to be by asking them a few questions about Downtown Abbotsford!

Meet Jordana Patterson, owner of Beard & Bardot Hair Co., and an incredibly talented stylist!

What do you like about being in Downtown Abbotsford?

The new, the old and established, unique boutiques and restaurants.

Why did you open up a business in Downtown?

It’s is a growing location with walkability to allow for patrons to see businesses they would have maybe driven by without noticing.

What’s your favourite part of your day?

Morning, when the owners and managers are setting up for the day!

Other than your own businesses, where’s your favourite place to visit?

Too many! Bow & Stern, Montrose and George, Common Good and Banter, Oldand!

Where are your roots? (This can be cultural, geographical or even emotional)

My roots stem from Scandinavia. My family is rooted in European culture and traditions. My heart is where the ocean is and my soul is happy when others around me are taken care of and flourishing.

Where do you enjoy spending your time most in Downtown Abbotsford?

Beard & Bardot

What’s the best reason to shop local?

Real people are behind these businesses. Hard work and a dream are what keep local businesses going and that is the root of this town, this country and many of our families heritages.

What’s your favourite experience or event in Downtown Abbotsford?

Winter Jubilee

Is your business involved in efforts towards a social responsibility cause? ie. cultural, social, economic, or environmental

Yes. We advocate and stand for those who need to be heard and whom need a voice. Culturally, socially and economically with events, fundraisers, shout outs and inclusivity. We also have a responsibility to our world and environment by being as conscience and aware of proper waste removal efforts.

Thank you to Jordana for participating and keep an eye out for the next Our Locals feature!