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January 31, 2022Lifestyle, Updates

Each month we will be featuring a different Downtown Abbotsford local here on our blog space. To start us off, we would love to introduce you to Connie Hackett, our very own Digital Marketing Manager at the Abbotsford Downtown Business Association.

Here’s what Connie has to say about Downtown Abbotsford:

“One of my earliest memories from when I moved to Abbotsford from Delta at the age of 11 in 2001 was how cute Downtown Abbotsford was. I remember that first visit to ride the ferris wheel at the BerryBeat Festival (aka BerryFest) and thinking how magical it all seemed. Then as I got older and spent more of my time there, it started to feel like Stars Hollow in “Gilmore Girls” (which made me like it even more). The business owners and shop keepers became my besties, I began to see people I knew in the streets (sort of like “Cheers!” when Norm walks into the bar) and incredible new businesses started to open up that made me want spend a lot more time there. 

Saturdays are my absolute favourite day to visit because of how much life is happening in the streets. 

I like how incredibly walkable Downtown Abbotsford is and it’s one of my favourite spots to plan walks for the Jane’s Walk Abbotsford event I’ve organized since 2017 along with a number of community partners. There’s so much history in the buildings and it’s really neat to see how they’ve changed over the years. 

I love how Downtown Abbotsford is always changing, always growing and always offering something unique to experience.”

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