Parking in Downtown Abbotsford

February 4, 2023Updates

Hey Downtown!  The recent videos were intended to provide light-hearted messaging of parking options and we deeply apologize if anyone sees this as insensitive. We have seen all the messages and are hearing your concerns. 

For many years, parking management has been a part of the downtown to maintain constant amount of parking spaces available for customers.  The ADBA has been working with the City of Abbotsford for the past 2 years on improving parking options in the downtown. We are listening to our business community and working towards solutions, however, it is a complex problem that requires a multi-pronged approach. 

The City of Abbotsford has developed a parking strategy for the downtown based upon years of data compilation and industry proven solutions. If you would like details on this strategy, we suggest reaching out to them for more understanding. 

We understand that no one wants to receive a ticket and unfortunately, it is the only way known to optimize parking availability in an area that has limited parking. Our ‘ city in the country’ has grown immensely and parking issues come on the heels of its success.  The ADBA has started the process of gaining more staff parking on private property that would be in a more visible area. We are listening and are working towards solutions. 

Safety concerns from our businesses have been taken seriously with a Security Guard service added in 2021 to respond to any safety issues within their scope of work and to assist staff in walking to their cars. They are available by direct phone contact and some businesses have utilized this service. For a higher level of safety interventions, we rely upon our police services. 

Downtown Abbotsford has, like any urban center has been experiencing the effects of the mental health, homeless and drug crisis and have been consulting with a variety of community partners to understand ways the city and outreach services have been responding to the needs of our community. The solutions lie within our community, not just on one organization’s shoulder.  We will continue to advocate on behalf of businesses to bring attention to these issues.

For more information about parking in Downtown Abbotsford, visit our Parking page here.

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