Our Locals – Kim Campbell, a box of bon bons

A huge part of what makes our Downtown Abbotsford community so special are the faces behind the businesses. We thought we’d chat with the people that make this the best place to be by asking them a few questions about Downtown Abbotsford!

Meet Kim Campbell, owner of a box of bon bons, and chocolatier extraordinaire!

What do you like about being in Downtown Abbotsford?

Great concentration of people who love to support local and good foot traffic!

What’s your favourite part of your day?

Meeting those that come through my doors.

Where are your roots? (This can be cultural, geographical or even emotional)

3rd generation Abbotsfordian.

Where do you enjoy spending your time most in Downtown Abbotsford?

Steam Alley!

Where would you like to see positive change in Downtown Abbotsford and why?

I would love to see current businesses THRIVING because of the support of our community. It’s more than just shopping, it’s supporting neighbours who live, work and play in the same city, who have bills to pay and families to support. And when our small businesses are supported by the community, everyone succeeds!

What’s your favourite experience or event in Downtown Abbotsford?

Halloween was CRAZY fun!

Thank you to Kim for participating and keep an eye out for the next Our Locals feature!